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Welcome to the official group of the Reefwings!

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That means that you can only get a Reefwing from adoptables or from customs! You cannot make your own! Although you are aloud to make fan art!

Reefwings are credited to Shallowpond


FREE TO USE: blue bullet by pixel-penguins Don't have to have to have a Reefwing to join

FREE TO USE: blue bullet by pixel-penguins Anyone can be a member

FREE TO USE: blue bullet by pixel-penguins Only Reefwing or related artwork is submitted

FREE TO USE: blue bullet by pixel-penguins No spam

FREE TO USE: blue bullet by pixel-penguins Be kind to others

If you don't care to follow these rules then I will not hesitate to ban you!

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Here are all the available jobs for all Reefwings. When creating your Reefwing make sure to check this list and get a spot for your Reefwing!! Check back at this list as it'll be updated! Please comment on this journal which job you'd like your Reefwing to be in.

All Reefwings that are in the bloodline of royalty, including queens, kings, princesses and princes.
- Killi | Queen | Shallowpond
- Tarpon | King | Shallowpond
- Acara | Princess | Shallowpond
- Rasbora | Princess | Shallowpond
- Damsel | Princess | Shallowpond
- Pacu | Prince | Shallowpond

Port Black Shark Members
Members of port Black Shark, out to overrule the throne from the Royalty.
- Acropora | Leader | MegatropiaQueen
- Carnosa | Grand Executive | Shallowpond
- Watersnake | Detective Division Executive | MercuryMiracles
- Anonymous | Assassin Division Executive | 21aschwien
- Nishikigoi | Assassin | MegatropiaQueen
- Rosetail | Assassin | Snoopyetta
- Chordata | Informant | Sweetglider
- Amphitrite | Grunt | Hydra-Draws
- Seahorse | Thief | UmbreAnimatronic

Servants to Royalty
- Arapaima | Servant to Acara | Shallowpond
- Siren | Servant to Damsel | Lunawolf44
- Anthias | Servant to Rasbora | ForbiddenDreaming
- Anglefish | Servant to Killi | Darkumbreon
- Marina | Servant to Pacu | ScarlietNight
- Ryukin | Servant to unnamed child | MythiCreature

Reefwings specialized in protecting, they may protect Royalty, outer walls or just territory in general
- Saratoga Arowana | Guard | MacyGracie
- Pomfret | Guard | Haasiophis-Sahel

Reefwings that have a living in selling goods that they find or make
- Helleri | Merchant | Silverstormwing
- Doubloon | Merchant | Sparkflyte
- Acanth | Merchant | MercuryMiracles
- Metriaclima | Merchant | Snowleopard-draws
- Moray | Merchant | ColdfrontTheIcewing
- Glaucus | Merchant | 4ntarctica
- Tetra | Merchant | ArcticTheFoxwing
- Palayia | Merchant | Slyroccketwolf
- Volitans | Merchant | Ningaella3
- Koi | Merchant | TheDragonLord02
- Betta | Merchant | SeawingFrostIcewing

Reefwings that go out to find things and bring them back to market
- Larina | Gatherer | AlicjaSpring
- Starfish | Gatherer | TheStarPlanet
- Anthozoa | Gatherer | SnowscratchTheHybrid
- Chromodoris | Shell Gatherer | Cotinga-The-Dragon
- Azrael | Gatherer | xXSkylerdragonXx

Reefwings specialized in the skill of creating gold and silver objects
- Discus | Blacksmith | xTheDragonRebornx
- Danio | Blacksmith | xTheDragonRebornx
- Mosaic | Blacksmith | TourmalineTiger

Reefwings specialized in creating stone objects.
- Calder | Stonemason | CraftingPokemon

Reefwings that make a living from making cloths or jewelry for the market
- Noctiluca | Tailor | light-star-does-art
- Zoanthid | Tailor | SimmertheSkywing
- Weaver | Tailor | Cat-of-the-Clique

Reefwings that find food and sell it in the marketplace

Reefwings specialized in creating or mending wooden objects
- Aurelia | Carpenter | DawnedDragon

Reefwings that make a living from creating delicious food
- Mandarin | Royal Baker | CrimsonCreations101
- Corallium | Baker | Hukya

Reefwings specialized in backing up victims or suspects in court cases
- Delhesi | Lawyer | Tawneeleaf
- Pike | Lawyer | Shedo310

Reefwings chooses to check wellness pools to make sure they are perfect temperature for use
- Pleco | Regulator | Ta-ak

Reefwings that go down to explore the depths of the ocean off the coast of Reefwing territory. Many are killed by Port Black Shark members, as Port Black Shark inhabits the ocean's darkest areas
- Cirrhosa | Explorer | Snoopyetta
- Ciprinus | Explorer | Zeniththeskywing
- Ocellaris | Explorer | Macaw-the-Rainwing

Reefwings working with Princess Acara to aid to the health among the Reefwings
- Harlequin | Medic | RogueArtist21

Reefwings specialized in plants, helps to keep the reefs and plants of the kingdom deathly and safe
- Acanthurus | Botanist | SketchingWho
- Niloiv | Botanist | Corinny-cat
- Octopus | Botanist | xXShadowFang99Xx

Reefwings that are specialized to build structures in the Reefwing village and spots in the palace
- Sunspot | Architect | SapphiresRain

Reefwings that write scrolls and help to maintain libraries
- Nova | Librarian | MysteriousKiddoBeen

Reefwings specialized in creating jewelry for others, usually associated with tailors
- Urchin | Royal Family Jeweller | HarpytheNightwing
- Fantasia | Jeweller | PurpleRoseMoon2
- Oarfish | Jeweller | Midnight-Hybrid
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Tac19 Featured By Owner 4 days ago
hi! i did some art of my MYO that i purchased but i'm not sure how to submit it to the group? it's one of the most recent things in my gallery owo
Watermelonthedragon Featured By Owner Edited Apr 15, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Sorry, ive found what im looking for! <3

Hi im new, but i was wondering what are the ways to get a Reefwing? Is there any MYO contests on, i just am having trouble navigating the group

Thank you,
Shallowpond Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Oh, alright! :D

If you have anymore questions don't be afraid to ask!
Watermelonthedragon Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome thanks :)
Sweetglider Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
With redesigning an MYO are we allowed to completely change the design, even name and personality?
I'm keeping my MYO as a member of PBS since I earned that, but I just would like to know. : )
Shallowpond Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Have you already made your MYO design?
Sweetglider Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The original, yes. The redesign, also yes.
(If I need to remove the redesign that's fine. I still have the original photos of my MYO.)
Shallowpond Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Yup! You can redesign it! Just send me the link and I'll approve the design or not! :D
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Tac19 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2017
Is there any way to purchase a MYO or earn your way up? I don't get points easily, so I don't think I'd ever be able to buy one of the Adopts ;v;
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